March 12, 2019

The Virginia Harold Scholarship (CC)

The Virginia Harrold Scholarship - A Culmination of Three Columbia Generations

Three years ago, one of our own CCOA members, Tom Harrold CC’66, set up a scholarship in honor of his mother who received a Master’s Degree from the Teachers College in 1926.  She was one of the first women to graduate, and two generations later, Tom Harrold’s daughter, Elizabeth Virginia, named after her grandmother, did her residency at Columbia and became Director of Vascular Medicine before being recruited by Johns Hopkins.  The two Virginias were very close – with Tom in between – two very strong, pioneering women.

The first recipient of the Columbia College Virginia Harrold Scholarship was named last year; she is a premed student, from Americus, Georgia, who will graduate with honors in 2020.  This year’s recipient is a graduate from Hollywood, South Carolina where he attended the Charleston County School of the Arts in North Charleston; he won the highest Scholastic Art & Writing Award as the Gold Medal Portfolio recipient.

Thanks to the Virginia Harrold Scholarship, these talented and dynamic students can forge ahead and lead as Columbia students, alumni, and forces.

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