Nominations & Elections

Nominations and Elections

The Columbia Club of Atlanta will hold its first elections for the 2019 Executive Board during the December 7, 2018 CCOA Holiday Party.  Individuals with paid membership for 2018 or 2019 may participate in the elections by nominating candidates, running for a position, and/or voting. The CCOA Bylaws are available here.

November 26, 2018 Nominations are due.

December 2, 2018 Candidates written statements (500 words or less) are due.

December 7, 2018 Elections and Holiday Party




All submissions or questions should be sent to Roxann Smithers, CC'99 LAW'02 <> [email protected] or 404-696-3468. 



  • Presides at Executive Board and general Membership meetings.
  • maintains contact with the University, conveys local concerns to campus, publicizes University information to the Club, and provides the University with timely annual reports as requested by the University.
  • provides continuity between administrations by orienting new officers and transferring records.
  • coordinates short and long-term planning, including an annual estimated budget.
  • sets and ensures the Club follows a timetable.
  • promotes participation and cultivates a successor.
  • Tries to enlist the active participation of as many alumni as possible, from as many schools as possible.
  • Generates new ideas, new techniques and new enthusiasm. 



  • budgets for and pays all Club bills.
  • collects and disposes all income in coordination with the Executive Board.
  • prepares an annual financial statement for the Club and any other reports if requested.
  • projects budgets and recommends financial policy to the President.
  • ensures that Club financial activities conform to established University guidelines if applicable.
  • Collects dues and other contributions.
  • Works with Technology Chair to maintain the Club’s database.


Alumni Representative Committee (ARC) Chair

  • manages the recruitment, interviewing of, and follow-up with prospective undergraduate applicants in the assigned area in cooperation with staff of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • appoints committee members with the advice of the other Officers.
  • makes assignments for each member and monitors performance.
  • initiates committee-wide activities such as receptions for prospective applicants.
  • must be an alumnus/alumna from Columbia College or The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • recruits applicants through contact with local secondary schools and individuals.
  • In conjunction with ARC members, strives to interview all applicants and reports to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • encourages the matriculation of all accepted applicants.


Book Award Chair

  • Manages the Club’s presentation of University related books to select local high school juniors and seniors to commemorate their academic achievement.
  • Solicits sponsorship from Members and potential Members to purchase the books.
  • Oversees the selection of the participating schools
  • Coordinates the presentation of the book awards with participating sponsors.
  • Manages the Club’s recognition of the sponsors and/or award recipients.
  • Coordinates delivery of the book awards to participating schools.


Careers/Mentoring/Professional Networking Chair

  • maintains contact with the alumni career network coordinator in the University Center for Career Education.
  • recruits local alumni volunteers to provide career counseling, internship, and summer jobs for students and career counseling for alumni.
  • recruits and appoints committee members who can serve as “specialists” in specific industries or occupations and provide targeted advice to students and alumni.
  • conducts career-oriented events for local students during school vacations.
  • canvasses local alumni to recruit sponsors for internships, helps students trying to choose a career or locate a summer job, and identifies alumni willing to provide informal career counseling.
  • contacts local Undergraduates to inform them of the Club’s services.
  • initiates mentoring programs for young alumni.
  • provides career counseling for older alumni who might be seeking a change of careers.
  • Encourages professional contacts between Members and potential members.


Ivy League Liaison Chair

  • Manages the Club’s relationship with other local Ivy League clubs and organizations.
  • Coordinates at least one co-sponsored event per year with the other Ivy League clubs and organizations.
  • Participates in other Ivy League organizations where appropriate.


Membership Chair

  • Responsible for contacting Members for renewal
  • Recognizes new arrivals to Atlanta and the Club.
  • Solicits dues from Members and potential members.
  • Coordinates events to attract new members.
  • Coordinates the Club participation in the Worldwide Welcome/Columbia Connects, or similar event to welcome new alums to Atlanta and the Club.
  • Coordinates the Membership Spotlight with the Secretary.


Technology Chair

  • Works with the President and Secretary to manage the Club’s online presence including website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media.
  • Helps the Treasurer manage the Club’s database.
  • Provides content for the Club’s website, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media.


Volunteers/Charitable Activities Chair

  • Coordinates the Club’s volunteer activities including participation in University volunteer initiatives.
  • Coordinates Membership submissions regarding charitable initiatives.
  • Participates in the Club’s volunteer activities.


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