Early Decision Columbia College and SEAS Interviews

The rate of applications from the Georgia area continue to grow each year.  We will be doing our part to help the admissions office find the best and brightest for the next generation of Columbia alums.  If you wish to help interview applicants please register on the ARC site and contact Tamara D'Anjou at [email protected].

Interviewers are strongly encouraged to go onto the ARC site and search for applicants from your local high schools and select them for interviewing.  This is the most effective way to interview students as it provides a more personalized experience.  However, we will have an onsite interview day.  

November 17, 2013 at 12:00pm - 5pm

Jabian Consulting

1117 Perimeter Ctr W
Suite N400
Atlanta, GA 30338
United States

Tamara D'Anjou

(404) 493-4922

Will you come?