Grad Student Happy Hour at ASW Distillery

Fearless Lions, be not spooked by the superstition surrounding this date! Please join us for a Graduate School oriented happy hour at ASW Distillery and in so doing help support local industry. Undergraduates and Undergraduate alumni are, as always, welcome (but they’ll need a legal ID if they want to partake).

October 13, 2017 at 4:30pm - 7pm

ASW Distillery

199 Armour Dr NE
Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30324
United States

Michelle Walsh

917 817 7252
Joseph Milholland Charmaine Crabaugh Katie Hoppenjans Mary Pesko Yuni Park Marcus Strong Anthony Okinedo Samuel Oketcho James Kipers Trina Love Kate Konecny Pope

Will you come?