Learn to Curl with the Penn Club

For those not familiar, curling is a sport in which two teams, each with four players, slide polished granite stones across a sheet of ice toward a target area that’s segmented into four concentric circles. The path of the stone can be guided by two sweepers with brooms who accompany it as it slides down the ice. Given the strategy and teamwork that go into this curling has also been referred to as “chess on ice.” The Penn Club indicates curling lessons were a big success the last time they did this and hope to perhaps turn it into an All-Ivy competition one day.

For further info, contact Kate Lee and visit http://atlantacurlingclub.com

January 11, 2019 at 9pm - 11pm

Center Ice Arena

5750 Roswell Rd
sandy springs, GA 30342
United States

Kate Lee

Lauren Abraham Mahoney

Will you come?